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Dear friends of Advisor Finance Inc, I’m very happy to pass on an invaluable offer from my friend, Ian Young, CEO of The CFO Centre. If you aren’t familiar with The CFO Centre, they are a network of highly experienced CFO’s across Canada who provide financial advisory services on a fractional basis, allowing smaller organizations to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced Chief Financial Officer without incurring the expense of hiring someone full-time. As Ian tells me; “The CFO Centre understands that these are difficult and uncertain times for small and medium businesses and they are very conscious of the heightened levels of concern facing businesses at the moment. This is a particularly unusual situation, but there are measures one can take to put oneself into the strongest possible position for the weeks and months ahead - and fast action will of course pay dividends.” The CFO Centre is very well positioned to help and would like to give something back, so they have generously set aside some time to talk to companies in need of some urgent advice, on a pro bono basis! Please see their brochure above and please feel free to pass this to your business clients. Julia Haggerty- President of Advisor Finance Inc.



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