About the President,

Julia Haggerty

As an entrepreneur, I respect the independent financial advisory market in Canada, which provides consumers with service model choice, long-term relationships, and invaluable entrepreneurial ingenuity and passion.


For 25 years I have helped entrepreneurs scale their businesses by providing unique financing solutions through both boutique and international finance firms in  Canada (Toronto, Montreal) and the United States (Texas, California, Idaho, and Illinois) that include: CWB Maxium  Financial , the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), CIT Group,  Export Development Canada (EDC),  AT&T Capital, Triathlon Leasing and Xerox.


As the manager of financing programs for technology companies such as Dell Canada and Micron Electronics, I have also helped make technology accessible to small business.


After earning my B.A. in Economics (minor in Business Administration) from the University of Guelph, I have enhanced my financing education by continued education through the Risk Management Association.

In 2016, while working as a commercial lender, it came to my attention that the Canadian independent Financial Advisor market's needs for M&A financing were not being met, due to  lenders' lack of understanding of their revenue model  and their focus on their lack of tangible assets. 


I embarqued on a new career, and made it my mission  to bring commercial cash-flow lending  solutions to intangible asset-rich Independent Financial Advisors, in support of  practice growth  and succession planning. 


In 2017, we expanded our services to assist MGA/AGA’s, Mutual Fund Dealers and ICPM’s to secure M& A financing on more desirable terms.


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